Krug Expedition was founded in 2013 by a group of enthusiasts from Germany and Austria. From the very beginning, our goal was to offer our clients exclusive, custom-tailored RVs with a precisely balanced quality-to-price ratio. Self-sustained, confident, and safe world-wide travel is the foundation and guiding principle of Krug Expedition.

Combining the experience and superior craftsmanship of specialists from both Western and Eastern Europe is the key to the efficiency of Krug Expedition.


The members of our team have long years of experience in building and operating off-road expedition vehicles. Throughout our extensive travels, we have gained first-hand experience of the harshest road conditions in all climates. This experience informs every decision we make about every aspect of our vehicles, down to the very last detail and part.

We draw on a number of assets and advantages

  • We are an experienced international team;
  • We offer both stock and highly customizable solutions;
  • We can claim, not without pride, that our company is able to carry out virtually the entire manufacturing process, from project planning and development to mounting a living module onto a chassis, and offering after-sales service;
  • Our professional design department is meticulous about every nuance of every project, leaving nothing to chance;
  • Since every manufacturing stage for the living module and the externally mounted equipment is designed and produced within the company, we can monitor the workmanship and quality of all parts at each step. This ensures the reliability of each product, as well as its compliance with the highest demands of the traveler.

Office and Service Point

Our head office is situated in one of the most picturesque locations in Europe—in Austria, at the very foot of Dachstein Glacier.

It is to our Austrian office that we invite our clients for an initial project discussion. We also carry out any after-sales service here, and offer long-term truck storage in a heated garage.

It is here in Schladming where the living modules are mounted onto chassis, and your vehicle first takes shape.

Only superior components can make superior products. For this reason, here at Krug Expedition, we collaborate with one of the leading designers of off-road vehicles.

Connect with us
Office and Service Point


Toni Maurer

For over 50 years, the Maurer brothers have been successfully designing special solutions for anything on wheels. As rally trucks became more and more popular, many of the innovations were fine-tuned and reimagined for high-speed gravel roads. All this is due to the fact that MAN drivers rely exclusively on state-of-the-art off-road solutions. Toni Maurer can guarantee a carefree and lengthy journey even in the harshest road conditions.

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“We had a rather daring idea—to completely dismantle slightly used military vehicles, adapt them to comply with modern requirements for comfort and onboard equipment, and then introduce the best RV and utility trucks onto the market. By now it is common knowledge that our idea was a tremendous success.’’

Dipl. Des. Stefan Pfeifer, Excap

The Steyr 12M18 truck does not rely on electronics, and it has been shown to perform excellently with any kind of diesel fuel, making it ideal for a carefree, round-the-world journey.

A great number of Krug Expedition vehicles are built on top of the Steyr 12M18 chassis. It goes without saying that we have eagerly collaborated with Excap for a number of years.“

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Hellgeth Engineering

If you set out to make something great—the very best, in fact—and you want to choose Unimog for your expedition vehicle, you’re bound to end up collaborating with the Hellgeth brothers. This means that you truly know what you want for your ultimate 4x4 motorized home, and that great things can become even better.

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