Hilmar & Ines

Hilmar has been a traveller most of his life, spending more than 40 years travelling throughout Europe pursuing his passion as a glider pilot. After ceasing competitive gliding, he and his wife Ines have been able to travel throughout Europe, visiting countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Latvia and even Russia.

Hilmar and Ines’ desire to slowly explore the world took shape over the last few years. Their initial plan was to do this in a single-engine aircraft, however, this was deemed too limiting and risky. About 5 years ago the idea of using an off-road truck was suddenly born and they knew from the outset that this was the perfect solution for them.

Hilmar recalls his first camper, a self-built Volkswagen T2 that he purchased from the German Army whilst he was still a student. This was followed by a Volkswagen T4 California and then a La-Strada van on a Fiat Ducato chassis. He travelled from one airfield to another, towing his gliders behind his camper. Hilmar says “I saw a lot of airfields in Europe, but never had the time to experience the world beyond that, to get deeply in touch with the people, landscape, etc.  I could always enjoy the new landscapes from a ‘bird’s eye perspective’ but only alone, without Ines, and I only got a one-sided impression of a foreign country”.

Even though Hilmar and Ines were new to the off-road and overland community, they knew from the start that they wanted a 4x4 truck that would have the capability to safely take them to remote locations. They now needed to decide what chassis they would use for the project.

Hilmar and Ines took delivery of their expedition vehicle in November 2018 and their first trip was 8 weeks in Morocco and West-Sahara developing their off-road driving skills and getting to know their truck and cabin systems. Since then they have used it for holiday and weekend trips, with plans for next winter to fully test the vehicle in the extreme conditions of northern Norway and Sweden as they chase the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Hilmar says “after that, we still need to find a suitable date to stop working!”. Their rough plan is to travel around the world, starting with either a trip around Africa, or driving to Vladivostok.

We wish them many years of exciting, safe and comfortable travels!