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August, 2023
Frequent Disruption

Lars and Oil Jankowfsky are living their best life between Asia and Europe. Let them take you on their fun-filled, good-vibes only ride - enjoy this Q+A and get a glimpse of how one tech mogul’s life-dream became true with a truck by KRUG EXPEDITION!
Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your path to decide to own an expedition truck.
— My wife and I are true global citizens. I was born in Germany/Bavaria, my wife is from Thailand.
I am a nerd, CTO and serial entrepreneur. Because of my love of travel, years ago I co-founded the flight search-engine This helped to fund my travels.

Since 10 years I have been living between Saigon, Vietnam where I travel around with my motorcycle, Bangkok, Thailand and Germany.

Over time, the idea evolved to experience more from the world and enjoy slow traveling - fast forward to the present and our home in Germany is now solely our Krug Expedition truck.
Illustration by 12ender
What are some of the coolest, most convenient and fun features of your truck?
— Haha. You will laugh when I answer you that I love the bed the most. I sleep so well in the nature, looking at the stars. Besides that my wife loves to cook so I enjoy home-style Thai food every day so the bed is followed closely by the kitchen and the large fridge. The outdoor kitchen is real fun as it’s very convenient and quick to get some decent BBQ – but not so much fun to clean it…
What are some unexpected challenges you overcame so far on the road?
— When I was a student, I financed my studies by being a courier driver all around Europe. Hence I do have easily a million kilometres experience driving a 7.5t truck. Alas - the Arocs is a different kind of beast with 18 tons.

So when we picked up the truck up in Schladming the very first time I was quite nervous. I used the built-in GPS to navigate to Germany, but unfortunately the pre-set GPS was “avoid toll roads” . This led me to take a wrong turn right upon leaving the KRUG EXPEDITION premises, and we ended up right away going up a steep and narrow pass up to the mountains. That was quite challenging as there was no way to turn around, but I had a good laugh, went up the mountain and back down again. This was quite unexpected. But in a good way this took away my initial fear and made my feel quite comfortable driving the truck.
— How does your usual day look like in the truck - also considering you use it as mobile office?
— Pretty much the same like in a normal home. Coffee, emails, then a quick shower and breakfast. Living in Asia made me appreciate spicy noodle soup for my breakfast. This is what we usually have.

Then some concentrated work time at the computer followed by some travel on the road.

For lunch we stop somewhere along the road and usually my wife cooks again. Then some more work time, video calls followed sometimes by some more driving.
© Lars Jankowfksy
— Your truck has a unique decal - what is the story behind it?
— I am a life long rocker, I am quite substantially tattooed and this is a culture which I imparted into my company NFQ which I co-founded 20 years ago. Years ago I had a tattoo artist come up with a new fun logo for our company which we used for some apparel. The logo shows a skull with flowers which is coding on a keyboard - it is really special and I truly love it.

So nothing more obvious than using it for our design. Also the company who did the wrapping – Didi Sign – did an excellent job and came up with some unique design ideas combining the Asian spirit with the ”Keep On Rocking” attitude I wanted. The result is stunning and beautiful. I get a lot of questions on the road about it, that’s for sure!
— What does independent travel mean for you?
— I love not being forced to use a camp ground for the night.
Big batteries, support a lot of cooking. 600 litres of fresh water and a large capacity in the toilet bring a lot of independence into our life. In the first three months we traveled from Austria until up north into Lithuania and back around Germany. We made nearly 10.000 km distance and not once I plugged in the electricity. This is what means independence for me.
— What is never low on stock in your fridge?
— Rice Noodles. Ice cubes for my Whiskey. I won’t need more.
— Which destination is next on your bucket list?
— We plan to go to the North Cape in Norway this upcoming winter. Seeing the northern lights been on our bucket list for a long time, and snow and cold is a special challenge for us Asians. So this is going to be a huge adventure.
— You spend a good amount of time in Asia, are you thinking of exploring some countries Far East with your truck?
— Certainly! We wish to travel the Silk Road and the Pamir Highway one day. Unfortunately, overlanding is not as easy as it was with the war going on with Russia. Hence, we will wait a bit and explore Europe first.

All my friends back in Vietnam want to see my truck so this is where I will ultimately bring it. There are challenges bringing in a vehicle and being a truck/RV especially into Vietnam, but I am confident that it is manageable. Same for Thailand. This reminds me – my truck driving licence is from Thailand as I am not a resident of Germany any more. It was quite difficult to get this one, but this is a story for another time…
Watch this clip from Adventure Southside 2023 that includes
footage from a camp visit to NFQ!
Photos, video and video edit by Markus ‘Fischi’ Fischer / Truck interior photos by Christoph Graif
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